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CHAPTER 3 Faculty of Chemical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor, Johor Bahru, Malaysia STATICS OF RIGID BODY IN 2-D SKKB 1123 STATICS & BIOMATERIALS
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Week Topic Topic Outcomes 4 Statics of Rigid Bodies in Two Dimensions Moment of a force Couples Equivalent coplanar force systems It is expected that students are able to: Determine the moment of a force about a specified axis. Define and calculate the moment of a couple. Determine the resultant of non- concurrent force systems. Explain how the moment of a force about a point relates to the principle of transmissibility. Topic Outcomes
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Scope of Lecture Effects of forces exerted on a rigid body Replace a given system of forces by a simpler equivalent system, force-couple system
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Previously , any concurrent forces are considered in analyses when bodies are treated as particles . In reality , forces act at different points of application , so the size of the body will have to be taken into consideration. Thus the assumption that forces are concurrent is NO LONGER VALID . Analysis of Rigid Body
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