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History 218 January 29/30, 2008 Discussion Handout 3 Key Terms (8-9) Visions of Victory Viet Bac Mekong Valley Vo Nguyen Giap Red River Delta Jean de Lattre de Tassigny Border Offensive Human Wave Attacks Technological Gap Guerilla War Overextension of Forces Dien Bien Phu Squaring the Circle Pierre Mendès-France State of Vietnam Bao Dai Solution Hao Binh Laos Henri Navarre John Foster Dulles Asian Cold War la jaunissement Discussion Questions 1. Guerilla Strategy: What were the three phases of Giap’s guerilla war strategy? In what ways did this strategy emphasize Vietnamese strengths and expose French weaknesses? What strategic and tactical errors were made by the French in their struggle with the Vietminh? Did the ultimate outcome of the war reflect a real military victory for the Vietnamese or the loss of French political will? 2. Dien Bien Phu: Both Navarre and Giap saw Dien Bien Phu as a trap for the other. Why did Navarre think that the massive military build-up at Dien Bien Phu would trap Giap and the
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