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12 - History 218 February 12/13 2008 Discussion Handout 5...

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History 218 February 12/13, 2008 Discussion Handout 5 Key Terms (14-16) Southern Revolt Hanoi/Saigon Internat’l Control Commission DMZ VWP PRP Third National Congress Politburo Le Duan NLF PLAF (Viet Cong) Communist Strengths I Ho Chi Minh Trail Judo Lesson “Land to the Tiller” Village Welfare Projects Progressive/Regressive Taxation Social Mobility Tu Tai Degree Local Autonomy My-Diem Democracy Communist Strengths II “Hard Core” Tunnel Networks Terrorism Military Conscription Ngo Dinh Nhu Free Fire Zones Manpower Advantages Social Gap Ap Bac Mekong Delta Discussion Questions 1. Origins of the Southern Revolt: What were the two major American views of the origins of the Southern Revolt and what is the political significance of their divergence? What was the Communist policy towards the Diem regime from 1954 to 1958? What political factors motivated these policies? How and why does Communist policy towards the Diem regime change after 1958?
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