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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 9, Number 9 (2014) pp. 1091-1104 © Research India Publications Intellectual Form: Understanding Architecture as a Logical Construct Saleem M. Dahabreh, PhD Faculty of Engineering and Technology/ Department of Architecture University of Jordan, Amman 11942, Jordan Email: [email protected] Abstract This paper addresses viewing an architectural work as a logical construct by understanding the logic of how a building is designed. The aim is to read the intellectual form within its material form through morphological analysis in 2- D and 3-D drawings, both relational and constructive, of the Douglas House (1971-1973).This reading builds on previous research that uncovered the geometry of the house and proceeds through a set of 3-D constructive diagrams to exemplify the logic of a formative progression from a platonic form to a specific form. This progression organizes the material construction, gives rise to the building’s formal properties, and subdivides internal space. The paper concludes that through the post facto (posteriori) rationalization of how the house was designed, an implicit a priori rationalization of spatial motifs and design tactics and operations can be uncovered, leading to a more logical understanding of the design as a logical process and a deeper aesthetic appreciation of the building. Furthermore, the morphological approach used in this paper can be applied to other buildings and also be used as a didactic method for instructing design studios. Keywords: Intellectual form; architectural morphology; constructive diagrams; design formation. I NTRODUCTION Architectural buildings are the translation of practical, functional activity and socioeconomic conditions into physical constructions or material forms. They are classically based on the idea of the functionality of a building (Hendrix, 2012; Al- Assaf, 2013). Beyond the material construction of many buildings are abstract structures or forms that govern and order the arrangement of the construction and give
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