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History 218 February 12/20, 2008 Discussion Handout 6 Key Terms (17-18) Theories of U.S. Involvement Economic Imperialism Rational Balance of Power Psychological/Cultural Explanations Quagmire Explanation “System Worked” Explanation Pacific Rim McCarthyism Ethnocentrism Arthur Schlesinger Daniel Ellsberg JFK Pathet Lao Walt W. Rostow Flexible Response Strategic Hamlets WHAM! Maxwell Taylor Robert D. McNamara Averill Harriman Chester Bowles Thanksgiving Day Massacre Discussion Questions 1. Evaluating U.S. Involvement: What are the various explanations for U.S. involvement in Vietnam? What evidence might be used to support each explanation? What evidence might be
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Unformatted text preview: used to critique each explanation? Which explanation(s) seems most convincing? Do the explanations necessarily contradict one another? 2. JFKs Vietnam Policies: How does Dr. Liebermans analysis of JFKs Vietnam policies as historical continuity support or discredit the arguments discussed above? How did the global context of Kennedys first year in office (Berlin Wall, Bay of Pigs, etc.) shape his approach to Vietnam? What rifts within the U.S. political establishment are already evident during Kennedys tenure in office? How would you evaluate Kennedys policies in Vietnam?...
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