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History A. Obregon, 1920 - 1924 P.E. Calles, 1924 – 1928 (’28 – ’34) J. Vasconcelos CROM Obregon became president of Mexico in 1920 after the overthrow of Carranza; any leader with growing support would be marginalized; during the 1920s, the Mexican gov’t and economy were doing well; Mexico was also a major exporter of petroleum for a while; another factor that aided Obregon and Calles were that they had railroads, telegraph, and improved roads; they were able to repair them instead of having to build them; another aspect was that they economy had become nationally focused instead of a rural focused economy; state gov’t revenues had declined over the Diaz years, so if they wanted roads, hospitals, irrigation, then they would have to get along with the national gov’t; the Egrarian group wanted land reform because it was written in the constitution; local leaders petitioned to expropriate large landed estates; second group was the organized labor, they looked to the national gov’t for decisions; the constitution allowed the
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