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Underdogs Where did they come from and what are they? What did they understand about what was taking place? Why fight? What was their attitude towards Pancho Villa? Are they revolutionaries or bandits? Success of constitutionalists by Carranza; by 1915, the U.S. had recognized Carranza as they Mexican gov’t; this outraged Villa; Villa killed some U.S. mining engineers; Villa also made a raid in New Mexico and outraged the U.S.; U.S. set a very high reward to get him; foreign minister of Germany sent the Zimmerman telegram asking the Mexicans to join their side in World War I; telegram said that Mexico could regain their territory that they lost to the U.S.; the British intercepted the telegram and published it; the British urged the U.S. to join their side and they did; Carranza wanted a new constitutional convention for a new constitution; it followed the 1857 constitution; few changes were made such as, president being more powerful, a two house congress; several matters of constitution; education should be a national responsibility and concern, schools to be
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