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Full name:___________________________ Lab group: L 5 _ _ (-2 pt for wrong info) HW3, ET181, Spring 08. Due by 6 pm on Friday, Feb 8, 2008. Cited problems are from the 3 rd edition of textbook. 1) Multiple choice questions Pages 501-502 Pages 539, 570-571 Question Answer Question Answer 21.1 22.1 21.2 22.5 21.4 22.8 21.9 23.1 21.11 23.10 2) Page 539, problem 22.3. 3) Page 540-541, problem 22.15. 4) Page 571, problem 23.5 c, d. Solve graphically using the log paper downloaded from our class webstie.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Drawing Referring to the attached figure, sketch on a single sheet of square-grid paper the orthographic (2 dimensional) drawings of: a) front view b) top view, sectioned though centers of the two Ø32 mm holes c) left side view, sectioned through center of the Ø30 mm hole. You must position your drawings at the correct locations. All units are in mm. No dimensioning is required and all holes are through the part thickness. No computer plot, please! FRONT p1/1...
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