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hw6 - and the workpiece material A black and white print is...

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Full name:___________________________ Lab group: L 5 _ _ (-2 pt for wrong info) HW6, ET181, Spring 08. Due by 6 pm on Friday, Mar 7, 2008. Cited problems are from the 3 rd edition of textbook. 1) Search internet and find a picture of laser machined part. Show the picture, the website address, and a short paragraph describing the process: the type of laser, the process (machining, welding, engraving etc),
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Unformatted text preview: and the workpiece material. A black and white print is acceptable. 2) Repeat problem #1 for electron beam machined part. 3) Page 645, problem 26.6 5) Page 646, problem 26.17 6) Page 646, problem 26.19 p1/1...
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