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Exam 1 notes - century was taking shape 2 The Redeemers a...

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CH 15 Reconstruction 1. The Compromise of 1877 a. Rutherford B. Hayes (R) v. Samuel J. Tilden (D); had to create special electoral commission; Hayes wins with a republican justice’s help. b. Meeting secretly with democratic leaders to work out terms for the support of Hayes. Ex: Texas and pacific railroad, extra funding, southerner to Hayes cabinet, withdrawal of troops. c. Resentment of Reconstruction was so deep that supporting the party was politically impossible. The solid Democratic South, which would survive until the mid twentieth
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Unformatted text preview: century, was taking shape. 2. The Redeemers a. The South, once again, fell under the control of a powerful, conservative oligarchy, known as the Redeemers or the Bourbons. 3. Industrialization and the New South a. 1869, first transcontinental railroad, workers were Chinese and Irish immigrants. b. Black farmers became sharecroppers and usually didn’t make much of a living....
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