Along This Way

Along This Way - of heart James Weldon Johnson sought to...

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Eric Castro 518 Along This Way In the autobiography, Along This Way, James Weldon Johnson details his belief  about the source of racism as a sense of preconceived notions perpetuated by common  misconceptions and negative media. Detailed in his Preface of The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, James  Weldon Johnson contends that the negro’s plight for equality and acceptance in the  United States was often damaged by “either the negro’s virtues of vices being  exaggerated/” (Johnson, preface). Back in the days when the written word carried a  voice across the nation, James Weldon Johnson asserted that the predominately Anglo- American middle class often read on the extremes of the Negro plight in America. The  voice of the white media often detailed the Negro as a primal man that had no right to  equality, while the Negro media pushed the idea that Negroes were righteous and pure 
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Unformatted text preview: of heart. James Weldon Johnson sought to place the African American on the same playing field as the White majority, to illustrate how the Black man and the White man could stand side by side, and have common ground on certain issues. Johnson also stood firmly to differentiate the platform of the NAACP and criticisms that it advocated a “social equality society” (311). He advocated that the entire race as a whole thought the same way about fighting racism and separation. Eric Castro 518 Along This Way James Weldon Johnson believed that the general media bias produced by the racist mindset of the post-Civil War of the South and the over exaggerations of the African American writers perpetuated racism in the United States....
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Along This Way - of heart James Weldon Johnson sought to...

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