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Faculty of Social Sciences D.E.I. QUESTION BANK BBM 103 Course Title: Business Communication I (English) Revised (2017-2018) UNIT I: Common Errors Related to Various Parts of Speech Q.1. Define a Noun. Discuss countable and uncountable Nouns. Discuss the different ways of forming plural forms of Nouns. Q. 2. Correct the errors in noun usage in the following sentences: (i) Her clothes were clean and free from dirts. (ii) He peeled the apple with a knives. (iii) He has moved the furnitures in the living room. (iv) new delhi is the capital of India. (v) The cattles were grazing in the field. (vi) The sceneries of Kerala are beautiful. (vii) His mother in law was kind. (viii) The counselor gave him many advices. (ix) The tomatos were red. (x) She bought two dozens oranges. Q.3. Correct the errors of Nouns in the following. 1. This is girl's college. 2. The sceneries of Kashmir are beautiful. 3. Give me your scissor. 4. He needs my advice. 5. He has given me a ten rupees note. 6. Your trouser is dirty. 7. A five men committee has been formed. 8. The rich hate poors. 9. He has bought furnitures from my house. 10. Whose cattle is this.
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Q.4. Choose the correct form of Nouns given in the brackets. 1. He has no (brain/brains). 2. It costs five (hundred/hundreds) rupees. 3. He is suffering from (measles/measle). 4. I bought three (dozens/ dozen) oranges. 5. Pay my (thanks/ thank) to him. 6. The (oxen/oxens) are not here. 7. Comb your (hair/ hairs). 8. She gave me two (dozens/ dozen) of apples. 9. She gave (alms/alm) to the beggar. 10. The (jury/ juries) awarded the verdict. Q. 5. Choose whether the following sentences need countable or uncountable nouns: (i) The (news/ newses) was on T.V. (ii) The tourists saw many (deer/ deers) in the forest. (iii) Give my (thank/thanks) to him. (iv) Brush your (hair/hairs). (v) Grandfather bought one(dozen/dozens) bananas. (vi) There were two litres of (milk / milks) in the fridge. (vii) The (water/ waters) was gushing out of the faucet. (viii) Please pass the (bread/ breads). (ix) The chair was made of (wood/ woods). (x) The window was made of stained (glass / glasses). Q.6. Change the following nouns from singular to plural: (i) child (vi) oasis (ii) phenomenon (vii) goose (iii) gold (viii) tomato (iv) family (ix) gallery (v) medium (x)self Q.7. what are possessives? What are the different ways of forming possessives? Give suitable examples. Q.8. Add the missing Possessive Pronouns in the following sentences : (i) That pencil is __________. (vi) ________ is a warm and close-knit family. (ii) Ravi’s bicycle is like ________. (vii) She said the purse is ____________. (iii) Is that _________? (viii) Raman has a football like ___________.
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