Respiratory System - Respiratory System- Pachiwsko I. Lung...

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Respiratory System- Pachiwsko I. Lung a. Photo of a miner’s lung- human suffocated and died due to hypoxia. Fibrosis. b. Constituted by many bronchi- general structure of all the system is very similar- till the end with the alveoli- a highly speciazlied structure for gas exchange and proper profusion c. As much as ¼ of blood vol. is always in our lung . LUMEN lined by epithelia- pseudostratified columnar- ciliated, mucus producing, neuroendocrine, and “reserved” cilia is there for removal of everything that is inside the lumen; cilia are composed of microtubules- 30-36 per minute beat from standing position- bending and returning- transport mucus usually filled with very big volume of mucus ciliated cells are very highly energy-dependent- and specially equipped- system of actin and myosin tubules- many mitochondria are found in the cells as well- they make the cilia action possible cilia- 9+2, the doublets have dynein arms between them- the proteins inside the cilia are dependent on particular ions: calcium and potassium – these proteins have the microtubules with dynein arms- responsible for the bend on the cilia cystic fibrosis- 1.7/1,000 live births- have improper composition of mucus/ mucus is too sticky- w/o proper chloride and salt- if its too dry- its impossible for the cilia to move on the surface- we have constant respiratory infxns from birth. People with cystic fibrosis have a lifespan prognosis of 23 years- if people live longer- they will develop immotile cilia syndrome. The lining cells of the lung are joined together with desmosomes
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Respiratory System - Respiratory System- Pachiwsko I. Lung...

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