The Thymus Lecture - The Thymus Lecture I. Introduction a....

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The Thymus Lecture I. Introduction a. Lymphoid organs can be divided into central and periphery. b. Lymph nodes, spleen, and other tissues compose the periphery. Mature lymphcytes are made in the central organs- afterwords, they leave and go to the periphery. c. Mature lymphocytes circulate between the peripheral organs and blood- and this role of the cells is called re-circulation. d. Immature lymphocytes are generated in the bone marrow- they can either become pro B lymphocytes or T lymphocytes. Only B lymphocytes continue development in bone marrow. T lymphocytes must leave bone marrow and migrate into the thymus. e. Immunocompetent cells= produce and express surface-specific receptors for antigens. B cells produce surface immunoglobulins with heavy and light chains. T cells have the T cell receptor complex with alpha and beta chains (Alberts) Figure 23-54 Alberts II. Thymus a. Central organ b.c it provides a unique environment… Immature CD3 double negative thymocytes Immature CD3 4 8 double-positive Mature CD4 8 and CD8 4 b. Three types of cells- of which suppressor cells are a component- Suppressor cells control immune response c. _____________ cells = Responsible for elimination and replication- responsible d. Thymic epithelial cells= have typical cytoskelton: int filaments, with
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The Thymus Lecture - The Thymus Lecture I. Introduction a....

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