mark300 hw1 - Davis Franck CFS 104 My primary...

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Davis Franck CFS 104 My primary classification is Achiever. Achievers are very goal oriented by nature. They are committed to their careers and family. Their social life is centered on the things that are important to them, which is family, work, and church. Stability, predictability, intimacy, and self discovery are valued by achievers. In the market, achievers are very active. Their self image is very important when making an important purchase. They like to have higher end goods that reflect a prestigious social image of success to their peers. They also are consumers of time saving devices because of their busy lives. My secondary classification is innovator. Innovators are successful and in charge. They are change leaders, which means that they are very receptive to new ideas and technologies. They are very actives as consumers and tend to buy higher end products. Image is important to innovators, because they want to display their personality and tastes. Their purchases reflect this as they tend to have the nicest products that are in tune
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mark300 hw1 - Davis Franck CFS 104 My primary...

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