sa2psych240 - 21072035 Short Answer Assignment #2 Tuesday,...

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21072035 Short Answer Assignment #2 Tuesday, March 11 1) a. Baddeley’s Working Memory Model has three main components including, the phonological loop, visuospatial sketch-pad, and the central executive. When the list of names was told to Gehring, they entered his phonological short-term store, which is part of the phonological loop. Since the names John and Ron are acoustically similar, they are easily confusable, explaining why they were mixed up. When Gehring was to recall the names, similar sounding names were confused since they are explained by Baddeley as being easily substituted for one another. b. According to Conrad’s studies, words that sound alike are easily confused. Even though the list of names is visually perceived, according to Baddeley’s Model, non-auditory inputs still enter the phonological loop through rehearsal. Through rehearsal, the initially visual information is converted into phonological code and enters the phonological store. At this point in the process, acoustic similarity causes the names to be confused the same way it was when the names were recited to Gehring. 2)
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sa2psych240 - 21072035 Short Answer Assignment #2 Tuesday,...

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