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Greg Holland WRA 110 January 22, 2008 Writing Reflection Gray, Chapter 9 Term: Cyborg There are many types of places where humans are completely dependent on machines: cyberspace, outer space, and aqua space. In cyberspace, reality is being there, even without your body. You can talk to many different people all around the world, and everyone can talk at once because everything will eventually be on the screen. You can take on any gender or occupation you choose and have a completely new identity. To access cyberspace, you have to use a computer, there is no other way possible. When in cyberspace, you are a type of cyborg. There are many different types of cyborgs and they serve many different purposes. In outer space and aqua space, people are completely reliant on machines
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Unformatted text preview: and cannot function there without them. Outer space and Aqua space are particularly unforgiving environments where you must be a cyborg and very careful to survive (Gray, 139). To live in aqua or outer space, it is impossible not to be a cyborg. In outer space and aqua space, people are dependent on machines and therefore it is inhabited only by machines-and cyborgs, of course (Gray, 132). An astronaut uses many different types of sensors and systems in their suites and spacecrafts, so therefore, they are cyborgs. Every day we see cyborgs and just do not think of them as such. Cyborgs are not just humans hooked up to an array of mechanical gizmos. Cyborgs are just average people who utilize new technology to go to places no one has gone before....
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