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Jimmy Ronayne March 23, 2008 History 20 Professor Greenspoon Forgotten but Not Lost History comes from nothing more than perspectives. People’s perspectives are all we have of the past and we must rely on the fact that they are correct and realize without those perspective, we would not know about some of the most important events of our history. This came close to happening in the early 1800’s, when the events leading up to the revolution were not pasted down through the ages and the heroes of the revolution were not honored. One of those heroes was George Robert Twelve Hewes, an ordinary man that grew up around Boston and would amount to great things. Hewes became very active in the revolution and he held stories that could have inspired many. Besides fighting in the war, he also took part and arguably was a key player in three major events leading up to the war: the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the tarring and feathering of John Malcolm. He stood by many of our famous forefathers that we now praise. He was “the apprentice who had once deferred to John Hancock live with the memory that Hancock had toiled side by side with him” (Young, pg. 84) Hewes had watched the tension of Boston rise in the days before the massacre. He saw all of these events and even experienced some of the injustice. He was a common man and his perspective of these events shows us how the common worker in the time had felt with the invasion of the British soldiers. He stood on King Street and watched the first breaking point of the conflict and could see why the events that followed occur. The massacre drew him from his shell and transformed into a man of
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Shoemaker - Jimmy Ronayne March 23, 2008 History 20...

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