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Field trip 3 - in the higher level class the class would...

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Jimmy Ronayne March 17, 2008 C I 295, Section 4 Field Task #3 I visited my high school, a place that I never really thought about safety. I just always thought that I was safe and that everyone was complicate. After taking half of a day of observing a teacher’s classroom, I have come to a slightly different conclusion. Not everyone is as happy as I thought they were. They are some very students that by their action and reactions. I feel that the students that gave off the risk indicators, mainly physical, were often ignored or rather became the primary targets. I feel that the main reason for this discrepancy would be the fact that I was in higher level classes and these classes had the fewer amounts of risk indicators. It was the lower level classes that had students that gave more risk indicators and ones that were much more serious. There was one student that looked extremely uncomfortable in the class and was often ignored by the students and the teachers. Often when a student looked troubled
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Unformatted text preview: in the higher level class, the class would often rally around the student and ask what was wrong. These classrooms were often more comfortable and seem to meld together during any down time that was present. The class often came together as one large group to talk rather than splitting into smaller groups where some students would be left out, as in the lower level class. When the teacher was teaching at the lower level, he had a completely different outlook with the students. This should not be the case, the teacher should treat and teach all the students in a similar manner and try to unite the class as upper level class. Instead of dividing the class, it could be better to unite the different level of students as well. The elective class which I watched had a large range of students and the less at risk students helped make the atmosphere a lot more enjoyable for all the students and these students could be a huge asset to those lower level classes....
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Field trip 3 - in the higher level class the class would...

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