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Jimmy Ronayne January 29, 2008 Law for Teachers Contract Terms 1. Mutual Agreement: The supplier of the contract, the school board, will make an offer to the recipient of the contract in which they must agree to the contract. The offer is the contract in whole and the agreement is in the beginning when the contract states that it is an agreement, and the signature at the end. 2. Valid Consideration: Both parties must both give up something that is deemed of value. I highlighted the work year and work day for what the teacher’s aides must give up, and the salary chart as to what the school board is giving up. 3. Definite terms: The terms of the contract must be stated clear and must not be able to be interpreted differently.
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Unformatted text preview: I highlighted the table of contents pages because these outlines the terms of the contract without having to include the entire contract. 4. Competent Parties: All the parties must be of a sound mind as well as of legal age to sign the contract. I have highlighted the section that declares the union will represent the employees and they are working on their behalves. The school board is noted as a competent party when they are given the authority in Article II. 5. Legal Subject Matter: The contract cannot have either of the parties doing something illegal. I have not highlighted anything because there is no illegal subject, therefore all the subject must be legal...
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