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Capítulo 1 Study Guide The Preterite *The preterite tense narrates event sin the past *It refers to a single past action or state or to a series of actions viewed as a completed unit or whole 1. The preterite is very often used to express past actions that happened + ended quickly La viuda colgó la medalla military en su retrato. [The widow hung the military medal on his picture] 2. The preteringe can be used regardless of the length of time involved or the number of times the action was performed, provided that the event or series of events is viewed as a complete unit by the speaker Te esperamos media hora. [We waited for you for half an hour] 3. The preterite also refers to the beginning or ending of an action Apenas llegamos a las fiesta, no pusimos a bailar. [As soon as we arrived at the party, we began to dance] The Imperfect *Takes us back to the past to witness an action or state as if it were happening before our eyes *The action or state is not viewed as a whole + its beginning + termination are not present in the mind of the speaker 1. As the Spanish equivalent of the English past progressive (was, were + -ing) to tell what was happening at a certain time Hablábamos mientras ella escribía. [We were talking while she was writing] 2. To express repeated or customary past actions, as the equivalent of used to, would + verb Íbamos a la playa con frencuencia en esa época. [We would go to the beach often then] 3. To describe and characterize in the past La mujer de Juan se llamaba Felisa, era gorda y tenía bigote. [Juan’s wife was named Felisa, she was far, and had a mustache]
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Spanish 275 Study Guide C1 - Capítulo 1 Study Guide The...

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