Spanish 275 Study Guide C3 - Lena Brinjikji Captulo 3 Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Lena Brinjikji Captulo 3 Study Guide Special Verb Constructions *Some Spanish verbs require a special construction in which the person affected is not the subject but the indirect object 1. The most frequently used of these verbs is gustar . In the case of gustar , one or more things are pleasing (or displeasing) to the person or persons A mucho gente le gustan las pias, pero no le gusta pelarlas. [Many people like pineapples, but they dont like to peel them] A doa Hortensia le gustaban las flores blancas. [Doa Hortensia like white flowers] No creo que al peon le gustara esa clase de trabajo. [I dont think the worker would like that kind of work] *Although the table shows only the present tense, same principles apply to all tenses 2. Another common verb of this type is doler (to hurt) Al chico le dolan las piernas. [The boys legs hurt] Dnde le duele?pregunt el medico. [Where does it hurt? the doctor asked] Sentence Structure with Gustar/Doler Stressed I.O. pn I.O. pn Verb (3 rd p s/p) Pleasing thing A m me A ti te A l le A ella le GUSTA esa cancin A Ud. Le GUSTAN esas canciones A nosotros/as nos DUELE la cabeza A vosotros/as os DUELEN los pies A ellos les A ellas les A Uds. les 3. Faltar a. To tell the distance one has to go to arrive at ones destination b. The time left before a deadline c. Amount or quantity needed to reach a certain limit or goal A mi coche le faltan 732 millas para tener 5.000. [The mileage on my car is 732 miles short of 5000] A Juanito le falta una cuadra para llegar a su casa. [Juanito is a block away from his home] A la botella le falta la mitad para estar llena. [The bottle is half full] A este libro le faltan seis pginas. [Six pages are missing in this book] 4. Other verbs + expressions that use gustar construction Agradar(le) To like Alcanzar(le) To have enough Caer(le) bien (mal) To create a good (bad) impression on someone, to like Convenir(le) To suit ones interests Costar(le) trabajo(le) To have a hard time + ing Dar(le) lstima To feel sorry for Digustar(le) To dislike Encantar(le) To delight, to charm Extraar(le) To be surprised Fascinar(le) To fascinate, to charm Hacer(le) falta To need Importar(le) To matter; to mind Interesar(le) To be interested in; interest Molestar(le) To be bothered, to bother Parecer(le) To seem Preocupar(le) To worry; be worried by Quedar(le) To have left Quedar(le) bien (mal, grande, pequeo) To fit right (badly; be too big, small) Resultar(le) agradable (desagradable, difcil, triste) To be pleasant (unpleasant, difficult, sad) Sobrar(le) To have in excess Sorprender(le) To be surprised Tocar(le) el turno (una rifa, la lotera) To be ones turn (win a raffle, lottery prize) Puerto Rico me encanta....
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Spanish 275 Study Guide C3 - Lena Brinjikji Captulo 3 Study...

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