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Lena Brinjikji Capítulo 9 Study Guide Sección Gramatical Uses of Para *The general concept behind para is aim, goal, destination 1. Purpose, aim (in order to) Mi hermano estudia para ingeniero. [My brother is studying to be an engineer] Benavides construyó una campana especial para proteger su casa. [Benavides built a special dome to protect his house] No hay que ser rico para ser feliz. [It is not necessary to be rich in order to be happy] 2. Motion toward a specific destination Parto para el Brasil esta tarde. [I am departing for Brazil this afternoon] La ambulancia acababa de salir para la casa de Benavides. [The abulance has just eft for the Benavides’s house] Las mujeres iban para el Mercado con grandes cestas. [The women were on their way to the market with large baskets] 3. Use or suitability. Also for whom or for what something is meant Te olvidaste de poner en la mesa copas para vino. [You forgot to put wineglasses on the table] Éste es el major remedio para el dolor de cabeza. [This is the best remed for headaches] Hay una venta especial de llantas para nieve. [There is a special sale of snow tires] 4. Deadlines or a definite point in time El carpintero tendrá la mesa lista para la semana que viene. [The carpenter wil have the table ready by next week] Este reporte es para el primero de diciembre. [This paper is due on December the first. 5. Compared with, considering that Esta casa es demasiado grande para una familia tan pequeña. [This how is too large for such a small family] Hoy hace mucho calor para noviembre. [Today is is very war for November] El espejo del tiempo era peligroso para Elena. [The time mirror was dangerous for Elena. 6. To be about to, to be on the verge of * Listo para means ready to Estaba muy nerviosa y le faltaba poco para echarse a llorar. [She was very nervous and she about to start crying] Hay muchas nubes negras en el cielo. Está para llover.
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[There are many black clouds in the sky. It is about to rain] Los plátanos vienen congelados y listos para freír. [The plantains come frozen and ready to be friend] Uses of por Two basic concepts behind por . *Subject’s feelings [explains the motivation or reasons for an action]
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Spanish 275 Study Guide C9 - Lena Brinjikji Captulo 9 Study...

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