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Greg Holland WRA 110 January 22, 2008 Reading Reflection Gray, Chapter 10 Term: Technoscience Family is constantly evolving and changing. “Family structures have always evolved, but now they are changing faster than ever before as a result of the interactions between science, technology, and medical practices” (Gray, 143). Today’s medical practice has lengthened our life expectancy, and as a result, has caused more and more divorces. Marriage would only last twenty years many years ago, and now, it is a forty or fifty year ordeal. Newer and more advanced treatments for diseases are curing those who would have died just ten or twenty years ago. Hygiene plays a big role in life expectancy as well. With more sterile tools and bandages, there is less of a risk of
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Unformatted text preview: infection. Today, there are many different ways to have kids. You could be artificially inseminated or even pay someone else to have a baby for you. Many couples unable to have children can now have the opportunity to have a baby. With todays techniques, even gay and lesbian partners can have children. Technology is never neutral though. By using a surrogate mother, a baby may seem like property and it may cut the emotional ties that come with sexual intercourse and conception. Through technoscience, using science and the aid of technology, we have made it possible for people to have children and lead normal lives. We have helped the diseased fight back, and technoscience will only further the development of every aspect of our lives....
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