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Helio Cycle Scooter

Helio Cycle Scooter - Takes six hours to fully charge a...

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The eGo Helio Cycle M20 As you recommended, the type of scooter to be used is the eGo Helio Cycle M20. As shown in the design of the charging station, these scooters will be parked and charged in a six foot by two foot space. The station provides an input current of 120 volts to each charging receptacle. Some specifications of these electric scooters are: Dimensions: 64 inches long by 23 inches wide by 44 inches tall Equipped with a 6 amp internal battery charger
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Unformatted text preview: Takes six hours to fully charge a dead battery Designed to travel up to 25 miles from a full charge Top speed is around 24 miles per hour Max load capacity: 250 pound rider + cargo + 100 pounds in trailer Two performance modes: Go far/Go fast Figure S-1 eGo Helio Cycle M20. egovehicles.com/home Works Cited EGOVEHICLES LLC Reinventing Wheels . 2006. Online. 02 Feb 2008. <egovehicles.com/home>....
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