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Gary Davis 03/13/2007 CAAS 111 *Compare the fight against slavery to the fight against lynching. In your answer, use historical events and specific advocates to note the similarities and differences between these two issues of African American freedoms. Both the abolition and anti-lynching movements sought to socially advance African-Americans by employing the mechanisms of journalism and civil rights organization; however, only the former used autobiographical literature in its campaign for racial equality and justice. Of the many tactics used by abolitionists, journalism seemed to have a profound effect in acknowledging and reporting the evils of slavery to the masses. Although a vast majority of abolitionist journalists were wealthy whites, a select number of African-Americans charged themselves with the task of developing black consciousness through their writing. For example, Freedom’s Journal, the first African-American newspaper edited by Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm in the late 1820’s, served as a shining beacon of light in black community by featuring editorials which denounced slavery and according to Robert S. Levine’s “Circulating the Nation,” aspired to “‘. . . develop a sense of . . . black consciousness, as it were, among the freemen and ex-slaves living in scattered communities’” (Levine, 2001, p.22). Through writing, the goal of the African-American journalist was to unite a divided
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CAAS_Response_Essay_II[1] - Gary Davis 03/13/2007 CAAS 111...

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