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While the Lion King may not be the first example that comes to mind for as melodrama, it illustrates the characteristics of a melodrama very well. It is the classic example of the good vs. evil conflict where the hero has to over come a tragic flaw. Simba, a young lion who is in line to become king is falsely led to believe he is responsible for the death of his father and in turn becomes an outcast. However, the audience never for a moment believes Simba will not return to set the world of the lion’s right. In the end he confronts his evil uncle, Scar, and the hero and villain battle until finally Simba is able to win, showing that he is of course invincible. Being a Disney movie, The Lion King has exactly what has become known as a “Disney ending”; where in the end all the characters live happily ever after. The movie relies on the situation not the characters. It could take place with humans rather than lions and still convey the same story. This shows detachment from the characters and empathy for the situation. An equally good example for a farce is the movie Old School. This movie has to main stereotypes of the normal college party movie. As with a normal college party movie, there are crazy parties, a multitude of crude drunken acts done only to illicit a cheap laugh from the audience. Frank the Tank exemplifies the stereotypical frat boy.
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webjournal 1 - While the Lion King may not be the first...

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