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Accounting 211 Study Guide Exam II (Chapters 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15) 1. inventory 2. identify term when title passes 3. effect of miscalculation of end of year inventory 4. identify cost flow method 5. calculate perpetual FIFO cost of inventory 6. calculate perpetual LIFO cost of inventory 7. price level change and inventory effects 8. calculate machine cost basis 9. calculate units-of-production depreciation 10. calculate straight-line depreciation 11. calculate declining-balance depreciation 12. calculate gain or loss on disposal of fixed asset 13. current liabilities 14. calculate maturity value of note payable 15. journal entry 16. internal control procedures for payroll 17. journal entry 18. guide assets 19. calculate acid-test ratio 20. disadvantage of business types 21. rights of common stockholders 22. calculate number of shares outstanding 23. calculate $ to preferred stockholders 24. stock for noncash asset 25. treasury stock 26. calculate stockholders equity 27. calculate shares after split
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Acct_211_Study_Guide__Exam_2 - Accounting 211 Study Guide...

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