Nutritional Sciences 10 - Spring 2002 - Midterm 1

Nutritional Sciences 10 - Spring 2002 - Midterm 1 -...

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MM0203ch1A 1 Nutritional Sciences 10 Spring, 2002 Midterm Exam I Read the following directions carefully. Print your name in the space provided on the scantron sheet. Turn the sheet “longways”. Fill in your complete SID in the spaces provided. Mark the last two rows “00” if you would like your exam score to be posted by SID. Mark the last two rows “01” if you do not want your exam score to be posted. Use only a #2 pencil on your scantron. Choose the best answer for each question. Good luck! 1. You have version (a) of the exam. Mark (a) as the answer for question #1 2. How many calories does a single serving of chocolate cake provide if it has 24 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fat (3 of which are saturated), and 1 gram of protein? a. 213 calories c. 306 calories b. 136 calories d. 181 calories 3. Identify the true statement about EFA (essential fatty acids): a. EFA must be consumed because the body cannot synthesize them. b. The main food sources of essential fatty acid are animal fats and cold water fish. c. EFA are known as omega-6 fatty acid and omega-9 fatty acid. d. Both a and b 4. Consuming which of the following groups of food is most likely to keep LDL cholesterol levels low ? a. whole milk, cold water fish, tropical oils b. hamburgers, cheese, ice-cream c. olive oil, tropical oils, sausage d. canola oil, olive oil, cold water fish 5. Mike ate his lunch one hour ago. What best describes his current blood glucose regulation status? a. His blood insulin level is low. b. His liver is breaking down glycogen to supply glucose to the blood stream. c. His blood glucagon level is high. d. His liver glycogen stores are being replenished 6. An example of a ____ reaction is the splitting maltose to two glucose molecules. a. hydrolysis c. reduction b. condensation d. oxidation 7. As a nutrient deficiency develops, functioning levels of the nutrient in the blood stream drop while body stores of the nutrient are preserved . a. true b. false
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MM0203ch1A 2 8. Bile is produced by the small intestine and stored in the gallbladder. a. true b. false 9. Of the following the best source of soluble dietary fiber is: a. milk c. oatmeal b. spinach d. corn flakes 10. The Nutrition Facts Label was designed to a. Encourage food companies to create more healthful food options. b. Allow consumers who have special dietary needs to identify foods more appropriate to incorporate in their diets. c.
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Nutritional Sciences 10 - Spring 2002 - Midterm 1 -...

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