Cycle essay - LJ Palombo Ms Spanier Motorcycles Two Wheels...

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LJ Palombo 9/27/07 Ms. Spanier Motorcycles: Two Wheels, Multiple Possibilities When most people hear the word “motorcycle”, they just think of a basic frame with two wheels, one motor, and one use, transportation. When I hear the word “motorcycle”, many images pop into my head: different frame styles of motorcycles, types of motorcycles, brands and models of motorcycles, and uses of motorcycles. I even think about the different names people have for motorcycles, like bikes, hogs, choppers, and crotch rockets. The main idea I want to get across is that there are various kinds of motorcycles that are made for different terrains and personal preferences. Terrains like flats, hills, dirt, and pavement. Personal preferences like style, terrain, and performance. I know of these different kinds of bikes through my own personal experiences and research. I have ridden dirt bikes (a kind of motorcycle) and been around street bikes for many years. My father was raised around motorcycles, and he raised me and my brothers around motorcycles. From this involvement, I have come to love anything with two wheels. Motorcycles fascinate and entertain me. They can accelerate quicker and go faster than most cars. They can pop up into wheelies and stoppies (when the back of the bike lifts due to the front break being applied). They can launch off jumps and land safely on the landing ramps. There are small bikes, big bikes, wide bikes, and thin bikes. There is pretty much a bike for every body type.
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Cycle essay - LJ Palombo Ms Spanier Motorcycles Two Wheels...

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