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LJ Palombo 10/31/07 Ms. Spanier Response to Readings “Credit Card Debt among College Students: Just What Does It Cost?” is a short piece of writing about the college students and the use of credit cards. The writer, Robyn Sylves, took a negative point of view throughout the whole piece of writing. I feel that there should have been one positive point about credit cards and students. That point being that proper use of a credit card can help establish good credit that will be needed in the future. I thought this writing was very informative with lots of facts, statistics, and graphs to get the writer’s point across. I liked this writing because it was an interesting topic and it applies to me, a college student. I actually learned some stuff about credit cards and debt that I had not known before. “The Disease Is Adolescence” by Douglas Foster was a writing ultimately about a
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Unformatted text preview: black female physician who treats adolescents with problems and aliments caused by a number of issues that are common among teenagers, like violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and sex. I found this writing to be hard to read. The words and sentences were clear and informative, but I had trouble reading them. I couldn’t really get into the writing like I could with “Credit Card Debt among College Students: Just What Does It Cost?” The essay was very informative about the number of deaths of teenagers and the reasons behind the deaths and injuries. I learned some statistics, but I will probably forget them later because I really have no interest in the subject. Overall, I thought the writing was mediocre, but only because I couldn’t relate to the topic that well....
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