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Curtice 1 Hi Mark, This is a lot better than the first one, except for the conclusion, which I found quite confusing. This is however, very good work = B + Mark Curtice English 125 Section 56 Escudero February 25, 2008 Asian Stereotypes: Masculinity, Athleticism, and Marriage Traditionally, many Americans have believed many varied stereotypes. One such misconception concerns Asian American men. This misguided commonly assumes that men of Japanese, Mongolian, Chinese, and Korean are unathletic, possibly even undesirable, having difficulty attracting spouses. This stereotype is a large multifaceted social phenomenon, in America, that causes self-esteem issues among many Asian American men of Mongolian ancestry. In classical American myth, the average Mongolian- Asian is stereotyped to be short, weak, unappealing, and unathletic. These inaccurate views Americans have translates into the great myth of a wife shortage for these Mongolian men. Popular American sports are the opinion laboratories that perpetuate the belief that Asian men do not do? to athletic or sexual prowess. Some have suggested that this stereotype of Asian men could be part of the reason why Asian American men are not marrying outside of their race in the same numbers as their female counterparts do. Transition? In, America, the definition of masculinity is based on fat wallets, tall frames, bulging muscles, sharp facial features, and athletic ability. Though not universally true, most Asian men are thought not to have any of the previously listed characteristics that make a man attractive for women, except for generally having a higher than average financial assets. Based on these rigid definitions of what a man should be, Asian men are thought to be relegated to second class status in the dating world because they are unable to compete with their more classically masculine looking American counterparts. By exploring the sports-based stereotypes of Asian men, it is possible to then better understand why some people believe that those same Asian American are unable to attract spouses. The popularity of the major American sports is highly correlated to how athletic people believe their athletes are. All of the four major American sports favor athletes who are typically tall and have large frames that carry large muscles. To be thought of as true men, Asian men must compete in the most violent sporting events they can, and be successful to change public opinion. In professional boxing, Asian Americans have found great success as world champions in a sport that can easily be supported as one of the most dangerous and athletically balanced of all. However, Asians tend to only fight in the lighter weight divisions of boxing (Athlete). Because Asians with Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, or similar ancestry do not have success in the most ‘important’ or heavy weight divisions of American boxing, they do not make the same amount of money or have the same status as Hispanic, black, or white athletes do. Because of the physicality, violent
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paper2_graded-1-1 - Curtice 1 Hi Mark, This is a lot better...

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