Lecture 3 -Arrays, loops, functions - annotated

Lecture 3 -Arrays, loops, functions - annotated - Tech Talk...

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1 Tech Talk: Getting into the Mind of the User Tuesday, 1/29 at 4:30PM Olin 255 Hosted by Laura Granka, Google Researcher Refreshments will be served. Résumés will be accepted. PHP: Arrays, loops, functions INFO/COM S 230: Intermediate Web Design and Programming Running PHP Unlike XHTML, PHP must run off server Testing your PHP code Upload to info230 server and look at it there via web browser username /www/ filename Installing a webserver and PHP on your machine Some other more user friendly servers, but Apache the standard Beware security issues! Will run through an installation in an upcoming section Arrays Easy PDF Creator is professional software to create PDF. If you wish to remove this line, buy it now.
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