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Management 384 Human Resource Management Exam 1 Study Guide – Winter 2008 Ch. 1 Changing Nature of Human Resource Management o HR Management Activities (Figure 1-1) o HR Management roles (administrative, operational & strategic) o HR Management challenges o Workforce demographics and diversity trends (racial/ethnic diversity, women in the o o HRM competencies and careers o Ethical behavior and organizational culture o HR Professionalism and Certification Ch. 2 Strategic HR Management and Planning o Strategic HR Management o Strategic HR Management Process (Figure 2-1) o HR areas for core competencies (Figure 2-3) o HR Planning o Small Business and HR planning o HR planning responsibilities o HR Planning process o Scanning the external environment – identify influences included in the scanning process (e.g., government, economic, geographic, and workforce composition) o Accessing the internal workforce – jobs and skills audit, org. capabilities inventory, and
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REVISED_-_Study_Guide_for_Exam_1_Winter_2008 - Management...

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