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Study Guide for Exam 2 – Mgmt 384 Winter 2008 Ch. 6 Jobs and Job Analysis o Workforce flow analysis o Approaches to dealing with jobs o Job design or re-design o Person/job fit, job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation o Job Characteristics or characteristics of jobs (skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback) o Advantages and disadvantages of team jobs o Differences in (types of) work schedules o Nature of job analysis o Task-based job analysis o Competency-based job analysis o Stages in the job analysis process o Job analysis methods (observation methods; interviewing; questionnaires) o Functional job analysis o O*net On-Line o Behavioral aspects of job analysis (inflation of jobs & titles; anxiety; employee fears, etc.) o Legal aspects of job analysis (ADA, wage/hour regulations) o Job descriptions and components of job descriptions o job specifications, and performance standards Ch. 7 Recruiting in labor Markets Strategic recruiting Labor market components (labor force population, applicant population and applicant pool) Who is an applicant? Different labor markets and recruiting (geographic, global, industry & occupational, and
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Study_Guide_for_Exam_2_-_Winter_2008 - Study Guide for Exam...

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