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1 More SQL INFO/COM S 230: Intermediate Web Design and Programming Common problems with P2 • Code didn’t work • Search functionality crippled (e.g. only search on two attributes) • Navigation (no way to return to home page from search results) • Error checking issues • Design issues • Late Resources • We give two weeks for projects; start early! • Office hours – Hard to do debugging in online office hours; start early! – If you need other times, let me know • Forums A brief review of SQL Recall the basic form of an SQL statement: SELECT attributes FROM relation(s) WHERE condition; E.g. SELECT Name, Title FROM Movies WHERE LENGTH > 150; 201 mins. 2003 The Return of the King 113 mins. 2002 Chicago 2004 2001 2000 Year Length Title 132 mins. Million Dollar Baby 135 mins. A Beautiful Mind 155 mins. Gladiator Easy PDF Creator is professional software to create PDF. If you wish to remove this line, buy it now.
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