Partyornot - LJ Palombo 10/15/07 Ms. Spanier To Party or...

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LJ Palombo 10/15/07 Ms. Spanier To Party or Not to Party To live a healthy life, you must find a balance your free time. You should use some of your time for work and some for play. My preferred form of play would be to party. By party, I mean to go to a fraternity house with my fellow pledge brothers, drink alcohol, get drunk, meet new people (especially girls), play games, raid some kitchens, and just have lots of fun. Some people would say partying, by my definition, is not good for the mind and body, but I feel that partying like I do has many mental and physical health benefits that outweigh all the negatives. Most people know the negative effects, but few actually know the positives. When partying, I usually drink a lot of alcohol. It is a proven fact that drinking alcohol can cause liver disease, brain damage, and liver and breast cancers. However, studies have also shown that drinking alcohol can lower the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes. Coronary heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, and strokes are the number three killer of Americans. By not attending parties where I would be drinking, I would actually be worse off, which may surprise a lot of people. Lowering my chances of being diagnosed with two of the top three killers of Americans is more beneficial than that of lowering my chances of getting a disease or cancer associated with alcohol usage.
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Partyornot - LJ Palombo 10/15/07 Ms. Spanier To Party or...

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