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Curtice 1 (I am sorry that I sent you the incorrect version, I saved these paper versions as Escuerdo4 and Escudero4 on my laptop and I think that this was an accident.) Mark Curtice English 125 section 56 Instructor Escudero This is a much better paper in terms of clarity and organization. Some problems with relevance and transitions persist, particularly toward the end, but this is very good overall = B. There is one specific problem area I want you to address. I want you to find a book called “Comma Sense” in the UGLI and look up the section on commas after introductory phrases or introduct ory modifiers. Then I want you to write an explanation about why the sentences in yellow needed commas. I expect to read this explanation in the reflection paragraph on your next paper. Special Days Special Ways There is one place in the city of Detroit, where special opportunities for learning and partaking of cultural knowledge have shaped my life: Detroit Renaissance High School. As a student at Lutheran High North, my football team played there in two contests, both against Crockett High School. Then in junior and senior years, I was able to volunteer there for a Special Olympics event. Through each of the experiences, I was challenged by what I saw to appreciate different cultures through a more sensitive approach to living. Making the football playoffs was a time honored tradition, while I attended Lutheran High School North, a predominately white school with 650 students in Macomb Township, Michigan, and home of the Mustangs. The first round playoff game was a tradition that was the culmination of a well accomplished season in the Metro Conference that would always end after the first-round playoff game with a challenging district team. The first time I was part of this tradition was as a sophomore mp when I was on the varsity team for the last game of year. For my team, the game was for the preparation and motivation of the young junior varsity players who looked for the opportunity to impress the coaches while practicing. The mood of the players on the practice field was light-hearted and fun; they knew they were going to lose the game and they just tried to immerse themselves in the joy of having friendship while participating in an activity that many would never be able to do again. The bus rides to the first Crockett game was an unnerving experience that left players anxious to stay at our school as it disappeared while we rolled further into the unknown. We left our high school at 24 Mile Rd to travel all the way to W Outer Dr, to Detroit Renaissance High School, approximately six miles north of the center of Detroit; the trip would take our team through nearly every socio-economic level neighborhood in the state of Michigan. The homes, stores, and factories on the way to the game told a story about the development of the Metro Area with the brick on walls and the cars in the driveways signifying prosperity and the ethnicity of the residents (evidence for this? How was ethnicity apparent
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course ENG 125 taught by Professor Escudero during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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paper1_graded - Curtice 1 (I am sorry that I sent you the...

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