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sound - promotes negative and bad morals or even rebellious...

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Comm. 150 Sound In this scholarly article I will be analyzing the use of sound in Superbad. I this film I chose one scene in particular and it’s the one where the two cops pick up McLovin and take him to an abandoned parking lot. When the three arrive, they are listening to Van Halens’ Panama, but unlike the other songs in the film the characters can hear it but you’re not really sure for a while. I don’t think you realize they can hear it until the one officer starts singing along. Clearly showing how this is an example of diegetic music and also source music since they’re actually showing the characters listening to the music. The reason they are going to the parking lot is to drive around drunk and do maneuvers. By listening to “Panama” which is an 80’s rock song, adds excitement and sets a fast pace, which is good as they are driving around going really fast. Some people feel that rock and roll is devil music and that it
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Unformatted text preview: promotes negative and bad morals or even rebellious manners. By using this song was a great choice in the film. I mean there a two cops and an underage kid, drunk in a cop car cruising around doing exactly the opposite of what is expected of them, at least for the cops. When Officer 1 Slater drives to the other side of the parking lot, the music sort of fades out with him when they show the other two characters talking therefore is creating a voice-off. Once he crashes the music stops kind of referencing how the party is over and then the pace slows down in the film to where you can hear crickets in the background. Since the music is done sound effects of the car burning is another good use of sound. So throughout the scene sound contributes to the overall meaning of the film by setting the pace, providing source music, sound effects and many other uses. 2...
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sound - promotes negative and bad morals or even rebellious...

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