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hitler paper - 1 As a young adult Adolf Hitler was failing...

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As a young adult Adolf Hitler was failing high school and wanted to pursue a career in art, but was not accepted into the art schools. Spending most of his adolescent years poor and jobless, he would beg for money and food. Later he volunteered to join the army and served as a messenger in War World I. After the war he joined a group called the “National Socialist German Worker’s Party,” which became known as the Nazi Party. Hitler became a great schemer, politician, and organizer. With these skills he rose to power to become the leader of the Nazi party, quickly building up its membership. Using the mass media to his advantage, Hitler was able to persuade crowds to his way of thinking and gain excessive power in Germany. Germany was going through political, economic, and social hardships, so the people were very vulnerable and looking for leadership and a new direction. Hitler staged an attack against the government of the German State of Bavaria. For this action, he was sent to jail for 5 years, but only served 9 months. During the time he was incarcerated, he wrote a book titled Mein Kampf , when translated means My Struggle. Millions of Germans read his book, were inspired by his efforts and insights for Germany’s future, and became dedicated followers. This form of media proved to be very effective in getting his message out to the masses, and helping him to form a solid power base. Many Germans agreed with his ideas thus putting pressure to lessen his jail term. The country was also undergoing major political instability making Hitler’s visions for the country, seem very promising. During this time there were private armies wandering the country. After World War I the people of Germany felt that they needed a 1
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new leader who would change the direction of the country. Hitler quickly filled this role, and eventually took control. In 1930 a worldwide depression hit Germany. German leaders had agreed to pay for the damage it caused during World War I. Being radically opposed to such an agreement, Hitler led protests, marches, organized meetings, and made speeches. Radios broadcasted his speeches, making him well known throughout the country, thus using this
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hitler paper - 1 As a young adult Adolf Hitler was failing...

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