cinematog - field consists of how the camera sees the mise...

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Comm. 150 Cinematography The film images create a depth of field, which is the distance before and behind the main focus. In the film Billy Madison , you can clearly see the attribute of depth of field when Billy goes back to school and is sitting in the first grade where Miss Lippy starts to read a story. They start off the scene by zooming in on her face and then slowly backing the camera off to show the whole class sitting right in front of her listening. They’re using a shorter range to view the class. After A few minutes though the whole class is sleeping and Billy is still paying attention, showing how dedicated he is and the maturity difference between him and class. Then they turn the camera around and to face Billy, but they usually show the person who is being talked to, which is showing how the other character reacts. By placing Billy in the middle of the room sitting down, he has to look up to his teacher, meaning she is superior to him. I would say the depth of
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Unformatted text preview: field consists of how the camera sees the mise en scene in the film. 1 Another attribute of cinematography is movement. Towards the end of the movie Billy challenges Eric to a decathlon, where they have to sprint to the finish line for one of the events. In which the mobile frame of the image follows the two as they race. Portraying the will and determination of the two as they fight for more than a gold medal, but the job position as CEO of a fortune 500 company. If they would have used a still camera and just kept zooming out it would have seemed as though they were running slower and some can see it as they are not trying as hard. Movement of the film image also consists of how the camera sees the mise en scene. Cinematography contributes to the overall meaning of the film Billy Madison through depth of field and movement, keeps the audience in the film by altering these two examples. 2...
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cinematog - field consists of how the camera sees the mise...

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