editing - pieces of film in the same screen to show the...

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Comm. 150 Editing Editing is the only form which is unique to cinema. In the film Longest Yard , the newer version with Adam Sandler is what I saw as a good film to analyze for its editing techniques. I realized that there are no limits in editing and by that you can change the audiences perspective of any character. In the shots throughout the film have verisimilitude by using a state prison as a realistic world in which the warden controls everyone and manipulates them for his own good. The continuity editing in this film is particularly easy when they use racial hatred to make the inmates want to play on the team. When Adam Sandler is on the bus to jail they are establishing shot as they introduce the newest setting for the film, because all you see is barren land and the walls of prison on the way in. Towards the end of the film they use a series of
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Unformatted text preview: pieces of film in the same screen to show the different plays going on during the convict - jail guard game. The last drive of the game when the old heisman winner comes in to play they run the ball with seconds left on the clock. 1 When he runs the ball into to the end zone, the film runs at the same pace as the rest of the movie. In the older version of this film they slow this same last play down just before he reaches the end zone to add drama and importance to the play. By editing the pace changes the feel of the movie whether you speed it up meaning someone is scared and running from something or you slow it down showing pain or importance. From watching Longest Yard the editing of this film contributes to the overall meaning by changing how the audience will react by these methods. 2...
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editing - pieces of film in the same screen to show the...

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