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John Sharp SAC 236 Section 006 Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest 1 The scene I chose for part A of the exercise begins at 00:08:38 of part one and ends at 00:03:45 of part two after Cary Grant is taken to Lester Townsend’s house. This scene begins as Cary Grant is taken into the library following his abduction. The scene begins with a low angle long shot with Cary Grant and his captor in sharp focus and the coffee table in the foreground out of focus. A normal lens is used for this scene for objectivity to simulate the eyes of an observer. When Cary Grant is quickly instructed to wait he sarcastically retorts “Well don’t hurry I’ll catch up on my reading.” After this the door is closed and the sound of the lock reaffirms his captivity. Cary Grant goes to the door to test it and a mystery theme is cued. This music effect along with the low-key lighting helps establish a mood of mystery and anxiety in the room. The camera begins tracking left with Cary Grant as he explores his surroundings and begins to dolly in as he stops turning towards the camera examining the canister on the desk. This medium long shot cuts abruptly to a shot of the canister dollying in on the details of the label from the point of view of Cary Grant. We hear the music change from strings to brass as the name on the canister is revealed. It quickly cuts back to the medium long shot of Cary Grant as he sets the canister back on the desk and turns to the window. Until this point the pacing and rhythm in this scene is slow, however, anxious. The camera cuts to a long shot facing out the library window into the yard. Window frame divides and masks the shot. James Mason, who playing croquet, is approached by a man who walks into frame from
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NorthbyNorthwest - John Sharp SAC 236 Section 006 Alfred...

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