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[“How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” Study Guide- Chapter 7. 8. 9 (p. 133-167) Daughter of Invention (p.133-149) 1.Why did Laura (Mami) and Carlos (Papi) leave the Dominican Republic? They move to the U.S because they were running from the dictatorship 2.Why does Laura (Mami) blame the bullying at school on Yolanda? Why does she not want to make trouble? Mami blames yolanda because didn’t want to get in trouble 3.Why is Yolanda asked to make a speech at school? She is asked because she is good at public speaking and she has a good relationship with teacher 4.What is wrong with Yolanda’s first speech? Who criticizes it? How is the second speech different from the first? The father criticized the speech because it was offensive, the second want is more appropriate 5.What gift does Carlos (Papi) give Yolanda at the end of the chapter? What does this gift symbolize? It represented how much her father loved her Trespass (p. 150-165) 1.
What/who is bothering Carla at private school? How are they harassing her? How is this problem resolved? Carla was teased by a group of white boys because she is latina and does not speak english. The bullies stopped after mami began to take Carla to school and wait for her at the end of it 2.What traumatic event happens to Carla? Describe Carla and Mami’s interaction with the police. Carla saw a man masturbating himself in a car and she told her mom about. At first Mami didn’t want to get too involved, she just wanted the police to take that men out of the streets. But the policeman said the the magic words “as a responsible citizens, help us out” and she told carla to speak up. 3. Why is Carla afraid to speak to the police? What does this tell you about how the Garcia’s are integrating into american life and customs? Carla was afraid to talk to the police because of how the police wasback in the DR . For the girls this is a big shock because in DR everything in controlled and in the U.S there’s more freedom than their thought
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Snow (p.166-167) 1.How is Yolanda given extra help from her teacher? Why does she like this? The teacher sits with her and teaches her privately because she don’t speak good english. 2.What does Sister Zoe talk about that fascinates/ scares Yolanda? She talks about nuclear bombs 3.At the end of the chapter, what freaks out Yolanda? How is the issue resolved? Yolanda thought the snow was ash from nuclear explosion .
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