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Mark Curtice English 125 sec. 026 Professor Escuerdo January 16, 2008 Essay- How does the style match the purpose? The style of “Acquiring a Japanese Family”, “Palestinian Like Me”, and “37 Just Walk By: Black Men and Public Space” matches the authors’ purposes for writing their pieces. Although the purposes of each article were different in terms of literary style and effect, all of the articles share a common thread of cultural differences manifesting in the daily life of people around the world.
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Unformatted text preview: The first article, “Acquiring a Japanese Family” is an impersonal, matter of fact work, done in an authoritative third-person perspective. Description of culture drove the work, which seemed appropriate for a historical text. The other two articles were very personal, and could have been included in most any news columnist’s editorial or personal section. Their authority was driven by the use of personal experience and plot, where as the first was driven formed by the use of description....
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