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Mark Curtice English 125 section 56 Instructor Escuerdo Resubmission Common Place book and writing journal I. 1. Expect money market mutual fund yields to fall three-quarters of a percentage point, to about 3.25%, within the next 30 days, says Peter Crane, president of Crane Data in Westboro, Mass. Money fund yields typically track the fed funds rate. It takes about a month for the funds' higher-yielding investments to mature, which the funds must then replace with new, lower-yielding ones. 2 “We could take to camp only what we could carry. My dad had just paid $1,100 for a Packard Clipper: he sold it for $300,” says Norman Mineta, Congressman from Haiwia. The most tangible result of the expulsion of Japanese Americans to internment camps is financial loss. Mineta recalls “I was 10 years old and wearing my Cub Scout uniform when we were packed onto a train in San Jose, …People had to just padlock and walk away from their businesses- they lost millions”(Frederich). Many people never fully recovered financially or lost money they never were compensated for. The paragraph is from “USA Today” on their website at consumer_N.htm. I chose this article because it was a top story, that carried a high reader rating and I felt that the selection I choose was the most appropriate paragraph I had available to use for the assignment. Although the exact words are not reissued in my comparison sentence, I felt the structure was in the same flavor as the previous example. II. 1. There Will Be Blood  and No Country for Old Men lead the pack with eight each after nominations were announced Tuesday morning in Hollywood. Atonement and Michael Clayton are close behind with seven nominations each. Joining them in the best picture category is Juno , which picked up four nominations overall. 2. False charges and rumors eventually grew to rejection of the Japanese during World War II in America. Military officials were publicly uncomfortable, as were the majority of Americans, about large
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numbers of people with ancestry from an enemy power living in strategic military venues. Legitimate threats and fears of some Japanese Americans who were interned during the war were not without merit overall. The story “Meet Oscar's class of 2008” from “USA Today” on their website at oscar-nomination-news_N.htm. I was first attracted to the article because I noticed that one of the movies I had watched No Country for  Old Men was among the movies that was alluded praise. I wanted to show through my restructuring of the article, a realistic assessment of the opinions observed; I took the approach of analyzing the attitudes of Americans as likely to influence policy and possibly have some merit. III.
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escuerdo3res - Mark Curtice English 125 section 56...

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