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protein isolation - Karmen Best BIO 181L sec 240 11/26/07...

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Karmen Best BIO 181L sec 240 11/26/07 Protein Isolation by Means of Electrophoresis Introduction The purpose of the protein isolation lab is to gain more knowledge about molecules and how they are isolated and separated by electrophoresis. Understanding why proteins are separated during electrophoresis enables us to estimate the molecular weights of these molecules. Electrophoresis is used in molecular biology to separate and identify proteins and small DNA and RNA molecules. This is done by using a gel stabilizing medium to which samples of what one is studying are added (Hawkins, 2007). The gel with samples is then placed into an electric field, allowing the negatively charged molecules to migrate towards the anode or positive end of the electric field. Molecules of the sample that are smaller move faster towards the anode in the gel medium. This causes smaller weighing molecules to end up closer toward the bottom. After electrophoresis is done, the resulting fragments in the gel are separated into bands and stained with dye (Campbell, 2005). The bands are used to identify proteins, mass, and even used to compare samples to see if they have proteins in common (Hawkins, 2007). The process of electrophoresis is being used in research today in many ways. In the lab, it is often used at a precursor to methods such as mass spectrometry and blotting. It is also widely used in forensics for DNA fingerprinting purposes to identify DNA as
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protein isolation - Karmen Best BIO 181L sec 240 11/26/07...

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