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Midterm G102 - Midterm Exam Short Answer 1. Epistemology is...

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Midterm Exam Short Answer 1. Epistemology is the theory of knowledge and how we come about taking things in and accepting them as truths. V.Y. Mudembe’s notion of gnosis is how we learn through our experiences and come to accept those things as truths through ourselves. Gnosis is also the pursuit of knowledge and being critical with the pursuit of that sought knowledge. 2. Common sense is the assumed knowledge that we as a society have come to accept as truths. An example of common sense is that for thousands of years it was believed there was only one sex: male. Females had an interior penis that could easily fall out transforming them into males. (Methods, Sex and Madness, O’Connell Davidson and Derek Layder, pg. 1-2) 3. The state is defined as “A politically organized set of institutions within a territorially defined space.” For example, schools, police, and the entertainment industry. State power is exercised through institutions which are “organizations founded and united for a specific purpose.” (Bailey, Lecture Feb. 4, 2008) 4. “Sex is the biologically and socially constructed categories of male and female and the biological characteristics and properties of those bodies which places them into those categories.” “Gender is the socially constructed norms, conventions and behaviors assigned to men and women.” You are born with your sex (male/female) but not gender; we are socialized into the gender that coincides with our sex. (Bailey, Lecture Jan. 14, 2008) 5. The three sexes beyond male and female are: hermaphrodite, consisting of one testie and one ovary, female pseudo hermaphrodite, ovaries and some aspects of male genitilia
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but no testies, and finally male pseudo hermaphrodite, which has testes and some aspects of female genitalia. (Sexing The Body, Anne Fausto-Sterling) 6. As defined in lecture, Women’s Studies is “A field that studies the experiences, histories and politics of women and their lives.” “Gender Studies is a more recent approach that interrogates the category of gender as a social construction. More focused on gender and specific types of gender relations.” Gender studies is more broad and encompasses both men and women, race, sexuality, class, and gender. 7.
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Midterm G102 - Midterm Exam Short Answer 1. Epistemology is...

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