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F111 Emilys analysis

F111 Emilys analysis - the performance The significance...

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Alice’s Listening Journal Analysis Alice’s listening journal is full of a diverse range of music. She tends to listen to both live performances and prerecorded music. She experiences music at a variety of venues including the farmer’s market, art museum, restaurants, HPER gym, Auer Hall in the Jacobs School of Music, and many more. Her style seems to range from the philharmonic to what is hot on the radio. Alice described the sound of the music in her entries by the meter, key, intensity, and instruments involved. The setting section of her entries usually depicted the venue she was in, the people around her, and whether she thought the venue was appropriate for
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Unformatted text preview: the performance. The significance section of her journal entries discussed reasons why the performance was held and whether she thought it was a good performance or not. Overall, Alice seems to enjoy many different types of music. She takes advantage of the musical opportunities around her and really tries to experience the sounds. She is an honest critic of the music she listens to. What is your favorite type of music? Do you like to drive to a specific type or music? What is your favorite music on your ipod? Does religion play any roll in music you listen to?...
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