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Chamber Orchestra The concert was held in Bloomington, Indiana on the campus of Indiana University in Auer Concert Hall Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 8:00 P.M. The concert hall was chilly and the lights were dimmed down. Programs were set up next to the door so people could take one as they walked into the hall. I arrived quite a bit before 8:00 and the hall was already filling up quickly. All the walls were white and accented by the red velvet carpet and chairs. The ceiling was high and bordered by small square windows that were shining blue from the night sky. The white brick wall behind the stage looked oddly out of place with holes and wooden pieces broken off of it. It all made sense when I found out that an organ used to be in place there. The stage itself was small and had wood floors. Black chairs and music stands were set up on the stage already with musicians in them warming up for approaching concert. The orchestra itself was comprised of all Indiana University students both undergraduate and graduate. The men were dressed in black tuxedos with bow ties and the women were in all black long- sleeved shirts with long skirts or pants. The seating arrangements were set up for open seating. The concert was free and you were able to sit wherever you would like. The main cluster of seats was in the main area directly in front of the stage. These seats were set up on a decline towards the stage. There was also a row of seats on either side of this area with one seat in front of another. On the second floor, there were a couple of rows overhead the back of the hall and again two rows of single seating on either side of the hall. I knew the concert was about to start when the musicians on stage slowly stopped
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f111paper1 - Chamber Orchestra The concert was held in...

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